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Most people today are vaguely aware of “issues” with Jews in contemporary society. But generally speaking, few have any deeper awareness of the pervasive and detrimental role that they play throughout the West. And fewer still understand the history and the context of what has long been known as “the Jewish Question”—namely: How should non-Jews deal with this most pernicious minority in their midst? 


The Jewish Question goes back centuries, at least to ancient Rome. The Romans were the first Western power to encounter the Judean Hebrews, to defeat them, and to scatter them throughout the world. Unfortunately, Roman victory proved temporary; with the collapse of the Empire in 395 AD, Jews and Judeo-Christianity took hold in Europe. They are yet to relinquish their grip.


Throughout the Christian era, Jews steadily gained in wealth and power. By the mid-1800s, they were achieving full civil rights in European countries, and their wealth was beginning to distort the social fabric. This led many observers to begin commenting, often harshly, on the negative Jewish presence in society. From such well-known figures as Richard Wagner and Fyodor Dostoyevsky to virtual unknowns like Frederick Millingen and Wilhelm Marr, shocking stories began to emerge. Into the National Socialist era, a number of Germans, including Theodor Fritsch, Adolf Hitler, and Heinrich Himmler, took a very hard line against the Jewish intruders. Their words are potent

and compelling.


Now, for the first time, 16 classic essays are compiled into a single volume. These essays are difficult to find, even in the Internet age. When found, they are typically incomplete. When found complete, they are poorly translated and edited. As a result, it is nearly impossible to obtain a deep understanding of the Jewish Question over the past century and a half. The aim of the present book is to alleviate this shortcoming and to reawaken society to the nature and severity of the

Jewish Question.



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  • Classic Essays on the Jewish Question: 1850 to 1945
    Edited by Thomas Dalton
    2022, two formats:

    1) paperback, 360 pages, ISBN: 978-1737-4461-70
    2) hardcover, 360 pages, ISBN: 978-1737-4461-87

  • 1:  Jewry in Music, by Richard Wagner (1850)

    2:  The Conquest of the World by the Jews, by Frederick Millingen (1875)

    3:  The Jewish Question, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1877)

    4:  The Victory of Jewry over Germandom, by Wilhelm Marr (1879)

    5:  Jewish France, by Edouard Drumont (1886)

    6:  The Jewish Question in Europe, by La Civilta Cattolica (1890)

    7:  Questions and Answers, by Theodor Fritsch (1893)

    8:  First Letter on the Jews, by Adolf Hitler (1919)

    9:  The Core of the Jewish Question, by Theodor Fritsch (1923)

    10:  A Real Case against the Jews / Commissary to the Gentiles, by Marcus Eli Ravage (1928)

    11:  The SS as Anti-Bolshevist Combat Organization, by Heinrich Himmler (1936)

    12:  The Jews and This War, by Ezra Pound (1940)

    13:  International Melting Pot or United Nation-States of Europe?, by Robert Ley (1941)

    14:  Germany Must Perish!, by Theodore N. Kaufman (1941)

    15:  The War-Goal of World Plutocracy, by Wolfgang Diewerge (1941)

    16:  Never!, by Heinrich Goitsch (1944)


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