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An all-new work of National Socialist philosophy.  Every essay in this collection honors spiritual being; and each intends to transcend conventional scholarship. Scholarship has its place, but too often it becomes subjectivity in fancy dress. Reason is a tool, after all, and not a god, despite its fervent, blasphemous worship by the proof-eaters, who survey and amass it like so much slop in a sty. Modern scholarship is little but acquiescence to the prevailing worldview, an outward manifestation of the crisis of modernity; it is the apotheosizing of reason. To rail against such servility pleases our spirit and honors our ancestors. We should always use reason as the mere tool that it is and subordinate it to something ever holier: the will of the Germanic man.



This collection adds to a tradition that is under attack. It is a great and noble tradition culminating in the oft-misrepresented writings of Friedrich Nietzsche and Alfred Rosenberg; in the steadfast heroism of Hans-Ulrich Rudel and Léon Degrelle; and in the glory- and merit-based brilliance of Napoleon. It is a tradition as ancient as the seas surrounding primeval Hyperborea and as recent as the Third Reich. It reflects the history of the true European culture that beckons its future destiny; without it, we will all simply melt into a rootless mass of faceless producers and consumers — exactly as the golems of modernity wish.


A testament to our ancestors, descendants, and the Divine Order that binds them, this work details our tradition’s cyclical rise and fall. And though we have fallen into a darkening night, we anticipate the promise of a coming revelation. Hail the lightning, hail the sun! Hail the dawn before it comes!


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  • Myth and Sun by Martin Friedrich

    2022, paperback, 332 pages.
    ISBN: 979-8986-7250-00

  • CHAPTER 1:  A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE                            

    CHAPTER 2:  THE COSMIC ORDER                                

    CHAPTER 3:  THE ARCHETYPE AND ITS OPPOSITION: VISIONS                                                                     

    CHAPTER 4:  THE ARCHETYPE AND ITS OPPOSITION: REVISIONS                                                                            

    CHAPTER 5:  DIE SCHWARZE SONNE                            




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