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World War Two ended nearly 80 years ago. And yet: why do we still hear so much about it? Why do references to the war, to Hitler, to the Nazis, and to the Holocaust still constantly appear in the popular media?


There are good reasons for this, and they explain much about how the world works today. The same forces that dredge up constant references to Nazis are also able to dictate other aspects of what you see and hear. They can dictate the kinds of movies you watch, the kind of music you listen to, and much about your culture. To do this, these forces utilize a large amount of wealth and vast political connections. Consequently, they are also able to steer events at the highest levels.


In Triumph of the Truth, the artist and writer Robert Penman points to an explanation. He relates his personal story of a quest for answers and of finding solutions. Here, he offers an outline of the world that you will not find elsewhere.


Obviously, this is only a start. Penman does an exceptional job of raising the right questions and citing the real sources behind events, but all this is only a beginning. As always, the reader is invited to explore on his own.


All this is not mere history. It is history that matters. It is history that still exists, and still lives today.  It is history that has a grave relevance to our collective future. This book comes not a moment too soon.


“There will come a day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.”

— Dr. Joseph Goebbels



  • Triumph of the Truth by Robert Penman

    2023; paperback; full color; 86 pages
    ISBN: 979-8987-7263-03

  • Publisher’s Introduction                                           1

    A Personal Appeal                                                          5

    The Jewish Origin of Communism                                 8

    Zionism: The Other Arm of Jewish World Domination   15

    The Balfour Declaration                                                16

    Hitler Comes to Power                                                  19

    The Second World War                                                27

    What About “the Holocaust”?                                       34

    War’s End, and Post-War                                              38

    Criticize the Jews? Never!                                             47

    Looking Ahead                                                            51


    Recommended Books and Videos                                  56

    Appendix A: Assorted Graphics and Memes                  59

    Appendix B: Original Cartoons by Robert Penman        67


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