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Books you are sure to enjoy

We at Clemens & Blair believe that you, as a reader, deserve to have access to important informational and historical books.  This is a result of our commitment to providing you with the books that will help you better understand some of the most significant events in history.  With these materials, we are confident that you will find information worthy of sharing with friends and other people.

BULK DISCOUNTS:  For purchases of 10 or more copies of a single title, we can offer a 20% discount from list prices.  This applies worldwide.  To arrange a bulk purchase, please contact us direction, via the CONTACT page.


Featured booksellers

The following sellers carry many of our books:

West coast:

   * Dissident Minds

Midwest / East coast:

   * Castle Hill

   * Cosmotheism

   * Barnes Review


For other buying options, click on the book covers below.

Our full book catalog:

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Or, download a PDF copy of our catalog HERE:

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