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Traditional Library

Due to strong demand, we are working to expand our book offerings.  But we are a small organization, and we rely on the good will and volunteer help (and some paid assistance) of our supporters.  Unlike the big publishers and media corporations, we have no deep pockets, no wealthy donors -- just a few intelligent, courageous, and dedicated people working to enlighten the public.


At the moment, our top need is:  MARKETING and ADVERTISING HELP:


Thanks to "the powers that be," our products and our website are constantly censored, blocked, harassed, and de-ranked on search engines.  Therefore, we need to make independent efforts to get the word out.  Unfortunately, we have very little experience in this area.  We assume there are ways to:  increase search rankings; reach potentially interested readers; "mass mail"; use social media; run small ads; issue 5-star reviews; and so on.  But we need help!  And we are willing to pay reasonable rates.  If you can assist in this area, please contact us.


In particular, we believe that ads on platforms like Gab may be beneficial.  But we have no experience with Gab or with creating such ads.  A volunteer who could take the lead on this would be much appreciated.



We also need help (volunteer or small compensation) in the following areas:


*  Translation from German into English -- and ideally, the ability to read old fraktur script.

*  Translation from French into English.

*  Ability to convert PDFs or other sources into Word files.

*  Ability to format Word files in print-ready form, for conversion to print-ready PDFs.

*  Book cover designers.

*  Video producers and short documentary production -- we have scripts and video clips ready for use.


Contact us today!  Thank you!

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