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Comments, reviews, endorsements

Readers love our stuff!  Below are some representative comments on our various books and publications.  Comments are always welcome -- good or bad!  Send us your thoughts via "Contact Us", and we'll post them here!

"I have already [read your version] of Mein Kampf and it is amazing.  But I am desparate to have the hard copies in my library, as these are very rare and hard to find.  Thank you for everything you are doing.  I will continue recommending these books to family and friends.  Absolutely eye-opening; I had no idea about any of this."
-- G. B.

"I just wanted to not only compliment the beautiful quality of the books but also the speed in which you've had them delivered to me over in the UK.  Thank you very much."
-- Michael

"The books that you publish are pure works of art, with very inspirational and high-brow content.  I would love to buy more."
-- Sean F.

"All six of my Clemens & Blair books arrived today and I must say I am impressed.  Page quality and the hardcovers look absolutely beautiful.  Well done!"
-- K. Magnus

"Rosenberg's Myth of the 20th Century is one of the best books I've ever read.  I even recorded myself reading it, so that I could listen back while driving. ... Thanks to your superb translation, it was a joy to read."
-- Telegram follower

"Thomas Dalton, as always, is excellent, succinct, and informative."
-- WaaD

"I wanted to thank you for such an in-depth look at the Holocaust industry, and for shining a light on information that is being actively kept from the American people."
-- Clifford

Regarding Classic Essays on the Jewish Question:  "Thomas Dalton has gathered together a series of noteworthy writings on Jews in the century preceding the end of World War II. ... This is an important collection."
-- Kevin MacDonald, editor, Occidental Observer

"Thomas has written a great, scholarly work on the holohoax called Debating the Holocaust...  I would also suggest reading his Eternal Strangers; it is, at the same time, highly entertaining and scholarly.  We need more of his style of writing."
-- Bobby

Regarding the essay "The Jewish hand in World War Three," which appears in the new book The Steep Climb:  "An excellent report.  Lots of facts. ... This was an amazing report by Dalton.  Hats off to his commentary on ethnicity."
-- Bronekc

On the same essay:  "Better than outstanding is this brilliant, comprehensive, courageous analysis.  Superb!"
-- Anon

On the same essay:  "An absolutely terrific article which explains and contextualizes what is obviously afoot here."
-- Mark D.

On the same essay:  "Holy smokes, what a fantastic article.  Thank you, Thomas Dalton."
-- Ralph S.

Regarding the essay "America must die--so that the people can live," which appears in the new book The Steep Climb:  "Wow!  One must give the writer a hearty handshake and slap on the back... The article is a keeper."
-- Bruno

On the same essay:  "Perhaps the very finest essay so far offered on this essential site [Occidental Observer]."
-- Tito

On the same essay:  "This is probably the best article I have read since I have been reading the Unz Review, and that has been almost since its inception.  Top notch!"
-- Robert B.

"I purchased Classic Essays on the Jewish Question in hardback and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I plan to buy more of your books soon.  Keep up the great work."         
-- Tyler

Regarding Mein Kampf:  "Dalton is the only reliable English translation!  Other translations have placed their own political biases into their translations and Dalton respects the truth of history over the lies and ... stays true to the original German text. I understand German and, as I read the Dalton translation alongside the German original, I can attest to its truthful translation.  ... Thomas Dalton does a wonderful job."
-- Odalisa

"Give my thanks to Dr. Dalton.  His books are awesome!  Clemens & Blair is the greatest book publisher ever, and I am happy to be its customer."
-- Sean F.

"Thank you for the invaluable translations, particularly of Mein Kampf and Myth of the 20th Century...  This new translation [of MK] is not merely 'readable', it's nearly impossible to put down!  Also, greatly enjoying Pan-Judah! volumes 1 and 2..."
-- Jordan S.

"In more recent years, there have three very fine writers for Occidental Observer: Andrew Joyce, Tobias Langdon, and Thomas Dalton.  They are all highly-qualified academics whose output far surpasses my efforts to comment on the baneful impact of Jewry upon the world.  I am lost in admiration for their scholarship..."
-- Martin W.

"Dr. Dalton is the author of many books, each one of which represents a thorn in the side of Jewry."
-- GeeBee

Regarding the essay "Lessons from the Trumpistan coup":  "Tremendously fine article by Thomas Dalton. should be proud of publishing it, and I am tremendously pleased to have the chance to read it."
-- Phillip S.

"I recently completed reading your book Streicher, Rosenberg, and the Jews.  Once again, I could not put down yet another of your books.  I was floored by each chapter...  You did it again, Thomas! ... Once again, thank you Thomas for all you do."
-- Vanessa

Regarding the essay "Dismantling Jewish supremacy," which appears in the new book The Steep Climb:  "Excellent article!  I confirm your estimation, word by word."
-- Hans

On the same essay:  "Thomas, thank you so much!  The is probably the most perfect article of truth I have ever read."
-- Ted

Regarding the essay "Schopenhauer and Judeo-Christian life-denial," which appears in the new book The Steep Climb:  "This contribution, so well written, pulled me all the way through... Thank you for it."
-- Alex d.

On the same essay:  "Fascinating article; you have given me a perspective that has helped me negotiate some thorny spiritual issues."
-- Rod

Regarding the essay "The impeachment parade of Jews," which appears in the new book The Steep Climb:  "This is an excellent analysis of the current state of affairs."
-- Fredrick Toben

On the same essay:  "This article, along with Dr. Dalton's articles on Jewish involvement in the world wars [now the book The Jewish Hand in the World Wars], are two of my favorite and the most informative articles that I have ever read."
-- Peter

Regarding the essay "Confronting the Judeocracy," which appears in the new book The Steep Climb:  "I salute Thomas Dalton for writing this remarkable piece.  Honest, courageous, concise and to the point, this is one of the best pieces I have read about this subject. ... This is a piece worth reading over and over.  Bravo!"
-- TJ.21

"Your work needs a more prominent place at  Your articles are far and away the best of the best."
-- Garret D.

"Everything Dalton has done to date has been outstanding, in my opinion.  He is one of those writers who seems to want to truly enlighten his readers, so he puts the facts of the story first and gets himself out of the way. ... Everything Dalton does has that stamp of solid research and superb organization of the material, plus the clarifying distillation that results from coming through his very fine mind."
-- Carolyn Y.

Regarding Goebbels on the Jews"It is brilliant -- there is nothing else like it."
-- Richard W.

Regarding Goebbels on the Jews:  "[A] long and interesting study..."
-- Robert Faurisson


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