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We are not alone!
There are many who are fighting alongside us,
in the war of ideas!

We at Clemens & Blair believe that you, as a reader and customer, deserve to have access to all information that will enrich your mind and better equip you for battle in the war of ideas.  In point of fact, there is a veritable wealth of information out there, that we are pleased to share with our readers and supporters.


Below you will find a brief listing of publishers, influencers, and media providers that we have established working-relationships with.  As we grow and network with more fellow warriors, this section will only grow in its size and scope.  Check back often!

Online Media

War Strike

War Strike logo.webp

An outstanding new, long-form podcast run by two eminently skilled men, Eric Striker (aka Joe Jordan) and Warren Balogh. Unlike many on the dissident right, they have the courage to "name the Jew," and they have the skills and expertise to offer meaningful commentary on events, both past and present. The show airs live every Tuesday and Thursday, 6 pm EST.  Highly recommended.


The personal Substack blog of Joe Jordan, one of the masterminds behind WarStrike (above). Joe is exceptionally knowledgeable on the history and the facts, and he is an excellent writer -- presenting important ideas in a clear and concise form. Again, there are very few men out there able to write with such depth and insight.  Check it often.

Littoria Substack logo.webp
Holocaust Handbooks

The is the ONLY site for serious Holocaust revisionism. Every important work of the past three decades is here. The research is top-notch, high grade, academic quality throughout. The collective output here utterly destroys the conventional Holocaust myth: no "6 million", no homicidal gas chambers, no "intentionality" on the part of Hitler. Stop hunting around the Internet for such material; everything you need is here.

For years, this has been one of the best dissident-right sites on the Web. High quality writing from serious thinkers and academics, this site will really open your mind to new-right critiques, White advocacy, and the JQ. The fact that leading aggregator sites like draw heavily from TOO tells you something right there. An essential source of news and information.


Book Sellers



This is a newly-formed publishing house, successor to Castle Hill and CODOH. They are the outfit that produces the invaluable Holocaust Handbook series (cited at left). Books, videos, blogs, brochures -- everything on Holocaust revisionism.

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