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That Adolf Hitler spoke out against the Jews is banal in the extreme. But that this is the first book ever to compile his remarks on the Jews is nothing short of astonishing. Of the thousands of books and articles written on Hitler, World War Two and the Holocaust, virtually none of them quote Hitler’s exact words on the Jews—virtually none.


The reason for this is clear: Those in positions of influence in media, government and universities have an incentive to present a simplistic and highly-sanitized picture of Hitler as an insane Jew-hater, a blood-thirsty tyrant and the embodiment of evil. This caricature of the truth is extremely useful—if for no other reason than to batter all “racists,” “neo-Nazis,” “anti-Semites,” “bigots,” and generally anyone unfriendly to Jewish, Zionist, or Israeli interests.


This caricaturization, in turn, only works if the public is presented with a carefully-controlled and manipulated view of Hitler’s take on the Jews. His real words and his actual ideas are far more complex and sophisticated than most authorities would like you to think. Hitler was an intelligent and well-read man. He had a broad and largely-accurate knowledge of history, culture, religion, human biology, and social evolution. His knowledge, depth, and insight put to shame most any present-day world leader.


But this fact does not suit those in power today. They need the public to think of him as a semi-literate, foaming-at-the-mouth demagogue. And to accomplish this goal, they need to ensure that no one reads his actual words. Until now, they have succeeded.


Now, for the first time, this objective has been defeated. Here, one can read nearly every idea that Hitler put forth about the Jews, in considerable detail and in full context.


This book is not merely of historical interest. It’s not just for experts and specialists in World War Two. Hitler’s analysis of the Jews, though hostile, is erudite, detailed, and largely aligns with events of past decades. There are many lessons here for the modern-day world.


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  • Hitler on the Jews by Adolf Hitler
    Edited by Thomas Dalton

    2019, paperback, 194 pages
    ISBN:  978-1591-4822-53

  • Introduction    7
    A Short History of Jewish Marxism    9
    The Case against the Jews, in Historical Context    13
    The Jewish Question Today    31
    The Plan of the Book    44

    Origins of Hitler’s Views    47
    The ‘Way of Jewry’    60
    First Speech on the Jews (13 August 1920)    81

    PART II: EARLY SPEECHES OF 1922 AND 1923    107
    12 April 1922 (Munich)    108
    28 July 1922 (Munich)    112
    18 September 1922 (Munich Circus Krone)    117
    13 April 1923 (Munich)    118
    20 April 1923 (Munich)    126
    24 April 1923 (Munich)    126
    27 April 1923 (Munich)    127
    1 May 1923 (Munich)    127
    1 August 1923 (Munich)    128

    First Letter on the Jews (16 September 1919)    130
    Democracy    133
    Anti-Semitism    137
    German Revolution of 1918    140
    Media and the Press    143
    Liars    147
    Parasites    149
    Debased Culture    151
    State and Religion    154
    Threat to Germany    160
    Marx, Marxism and Bolshevism    164
    The World-Enemy    166
    Conclusion from the Second Book    170

    Boycott of German Jews – 28 March 1933    177
    Speech – 13 September 1937    182
    Reichstag Address – 30 January 1939    188
    Speech – 1 May 1939    192
    Speech – 8 November 1941    194
    Declaration of War on the United States – 11 December 1941    196
    Speech – 30 January 1942    199
    Reichstag Address – 26 April 1942    200
    Speech – 30 September 1942    204
    Proclamation – 24 February 1943    205
    Speech – 21 March 1943    207
    Speech – 30 January 1944    210

    Final Political Testament    213

    Various Comments    215

    Bibliography    223
    Chronology of Statements Quoted    225



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