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While recovering from his injuries in World War One in 1916, a 38-year-old German scholar named Artur Dinter wrote a novel that would become highly influential—not the least, through a young political activist named Adolf Hitler. 


Dinter was concerned about the growing, pernicious influence of Jews in Germany.  It was long known that Jews had dominated certain key sectors of the German economy, had undue political influence, and were inclined to manipulation and exploitation.  But rather than writing a typical political exposé, he opted to create a love story—a fictional novel, but one that incorporated many truths about the Jewish danger.


Through his fictional hero, Hermann Kämpfer, and his love interests, Dinter manages to praise God and Christianity, the blond and noble Aryans, and the German spirit.  At the same time, he condemns Jewish perfidy, Jewish conniving, and Jewish arrogance as the greatest of evils.


But worst of all, for Dinter, was the Jewish tendency to exploit and degrade German women through sexual relations.   There was no science of genetics at that time, but it was widely understood that “the blood” carried something essential to man’s biological nature.  Through sexual intercourse, Jews were intentionally degrading German women and their children, all as part of an age-old Jewish program for attacking and debasing the hated Gentiles (non-Jews). Women who sexually engage with Jews “sin against the blood,” permanently contaminating themselves.


A runaway best-seller in Germany in the 1920s, Sin Against the Blood has never before been translated into English.  Now, for the first time, this history-making novel is available to the world.  In many ways, it is more relevant today than ever.


  • Sin Against the Blood Artur Dinter (M. Grau, trans. from 1921 original)

    2023, paperback, 6x9, black-and-white, 282 pp.
    ISBN: 979-8987-7263-34


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