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Jewish power derives from Jewish money.  But how do Jews become so wealthy?  What, exactly, is the secret to their remarkable success?  Around 100 years ago, a prominent German critic of the Jews, Theodor Fritsch, began to closely observe Jewish business practices and methods, with the aim of truly understanding how this foreigner on German land could manage to acquire so much wealth so quickly.  Himself a businessman, Fritsch had ample, first-hand experience dealing with Jews, and he came to develop a keen insight into their various manipulations, trickery, deceit, and immorality—the very things that led to their fabulous ‘success.’



Long out of print and conveniently forgotten by mainstream scholars, The Riddle of the Jews’ Success brings into sharp relief a whole range of nefarious Jewish practices, all of which have echoes down to the present.  It is truly astonishing how many current Jewish tactics have their roots in the much simpler life of early 20th century Germany.  Most striking of all, we obtain here a firm grasp on exactly how coarsened, how degraded, and how humiliating modern life has become, thanks to Jewish commerce.  Much of modern society has been dragged through the mud, and continues to be so, as a direct consequence of Jewish financial manipulations. 


In a straightforward and clear manner, Theodor Fritsch provides us with many lessons for the modern day.


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  • The Riddle of the Jews' Success by Theodor Fritsch
    Translated from the German (1922).

    2023; paperback; 272 pages.
    ISBN: 979-8987-7263-10

  • CHAPTER 1:  Jewish Methods in Economic Life


    Jews and Modern Capitalism    

    The Hebrew Enhances the Circulation of Money

    The Hebrew Mobilizes Slumbering Values

    The Hebrew Presses his Predatory Culture

    Jewish Interest, Jewish Usury


    CHAPTER 2:  Particular Jewish Business Tactics     

    Securing an Advantage


    CHAPTER 3:  The International Connection and the Secret Hebrew League

    Playing into One Another’s Hands

    Hebrew Nomadism      


    CHAPTER 4:  The Peculiar Morality of Jewry

    The Kol Nidre 

    Judaism as a State

    ‘War Against All’


    CHAPTER 5:  Klatzkin’s Confession


    CHAPTER 6:  Toward an Explanation, with Sombart


    CHAPTER 7:  Jewish Successes in Modern Times    


    CHAPTER 8:  The Stock Exchange

    A Mania for Speculation          

    On ‘Speculation Banks’


    CHAPTER 9:  Sound Methods are Forced Out by the Jews

    An Old Story   

    Certain Jewish Tricks of the Trade

    Lowering the Standard of Production

    Deviating Mode of Thought


    CHAPTER 10:  Jewish Trade Specialties      

    Professional Bankruptcy                      


    CHAPTER 11:  Moral Principles in Trade    

    Deviation in the Trend of Jewish Life


    CHAPTER 12:  Hebrews as Supporters of Capitalism

    1. The Extensive Dispersion     

    2. The “Foreignness” of the Hebrew                 

    3. Semi-Citizenship of the Jews

    4. Jewish Wealth


    CHAPTER 13:  Business and Religion

    Judaism versus Christianity

    The Separation or Shutting-off of the Jews


    CHAPTER 14:  The Race Problem

    In General

    The Psychology of the Jews

    Apparent Jewish Superiority


    CHAPTER 15:  Origin of the Jewish Entity

    Descent of the Jews     

    Development of the Jews as a Commercial Nation

    Dispersion of the Jews over the Earth


    CHAPTER 16:  Influence of the Jew upon Womankind

    Assaults on Young Girls

    The Enchanter

    Spreading Sexual Disease

    Traffic in Girls


    CHAPTER 17:  The Jews and the World War


    CHAPTER 18:  Concluding Words


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