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                  THOUGHT FOR THE DAY
In light of the Gaza "war", we can no longer deny that:
(a) Jews control American government and media;
(b) Jewish control is malicious and destructive;
(c) Non-Jews everywhere need to act.

                          VIVA PALESTINA!

Books That Matter, on:
National Socialism,
The Jewish Question,
& Social Theory


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A Plague on the World - front - 3dtbg.png

The world today faces many grave problems, but arguably the gravest and most urgent is what has long been called the Jewish Question...


 A Clemens & Blair Reprint

Sunset over the Mountains

Clemens & Blair is an Independent, Non-Profit Publisher of Quality Books Since 2015

Clemens & Blair, LLC, is an independent publisher of important and controversial books, from both past and present.  We specialize in works that other publishers are afraid to handle—especially books that have been censored or otherwise blacklisted by major corporate distributors and sellers.  Our present interests center on National Socialist Germany, the Holocaust, and the Jewish Question, but we continue to be open to other related topics in history, politics, philosophy, and social theory.

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